There are one special day where we celebrate their holiday, the male figure that you been calling Papa, Dad, Mum (Single-mum), Ayah, Abang, Uncle, Grandpa, who nurture and raise like their own - Father’s day.

Love expression and adoration towards father figures could be hard  like words sticking in our throat and hugging perceived as “femme behaviors” (especially for the adult…).
 However the gratitude can be completely different as they knew that was a special form of expression.

For Father’s Day 2022, ALife Group (AIA) hosted FUNDERFUL Father’s Day event for the father-son/ father-daughter duo bonding time since the MCO being lifted.
 And of course we could never miss out the opportunity to be part of FUNDERFUL event, as the sponsorship. (Thank you ALife Group)

An A for the location: Wisma AIA @ Straits Quay

Caption : The sea view from the building is mesmerizing

Let’s go through the event with us: